Saturday, July 20, 2019

Surprise guests!

We woke up to rain, yes rain, you know the stuff that falls from the sky.. That was a good thing because it meant Del could wipe down Derwent6 and get that dust off..
There is no better water to use that rain water for cleaning the paintwork, never use a washing up liquid.
We had quite a lazy day today, but things were going to get busy again in the evening..
At 5.00pm Tanya, our god daughter, arrived who is staying for a couple of days.
At 5.15pm Del's mate Steve (Tanya's Dad) arrived, armed with some lovely donuts. Steve had been working in Liverpool and on his way back dropped in to break up the journey and miss the rush hour. We chatted in the cratch till the pub was serving food.
We then we walked down to the Jolly Boatman and had a bite to eat.
Steve had to drive back to Kent afterwards and we said our goodbyes..
Tanya stayed with us the night.


tony said...

work Liverpool don't mix mate

Del and Al said...