Friday, July 19, 2019

On to Thrupp

We made the decision to leave this morning even though we had a good spot with good signals..
We did have the dredger going by every half an hour but it wasn't a problem.. Still as we were just about to push off a hire boat went past us and we sat behind them at the lock.
It was another beautiful day, and this section was now dredged so it was lovely cruising.
We soon entered Thrupp, and we do like it here, the trouble is the moorings are few and far between if you want to stay longer than 2 days..
We needed four days, and as we came round the corner we could see a mooring available on the 7 day moorings.. Wonderful! we were sorted...
So what shall we do tonight? Pub x 2, tearooms, a walk, or a film.. Life is good!!
We had some nibbles out the front and then walked down to the Jolly Boatman, and in there we met Maffi, Susan, Martin and Molly the dog who we joined.. It was a good catch up and drinks all round till 11.15pm.
The perfect end to a perfect day!

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