Thursday, July 11, 2019


We have enjoyed the last couple of days chilling out watching some tennis and eating and drinking of course..  We have even took a break from boat work, and just relaxed in the Woolhampton area..
We have however used the pub, and popped up there for a steak burger as they had the BBQ grills working.
We also used the train and went into Reading again as the tickets were only £3.50 return and met up with Joy and Steve again for breakfast.

We have not had to run our engine as the solar has been so good and the light evenings still give us all the power we need. We still can't believe we haven't had to fill with diesel yet, we used to have to fill up once a month but we are already two and a half months and we still have a 1/3 of a tank left..

So we have enjoyed our stay here, but it is time to move on..

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