Saturday, July 06, 2019

Day trip to Reading

We had seen the weather forecast and it was dry and sunny so thought we would use the time to go into Reading.. We needed a new lamp shade for the saloon as everything is now getting on for eleven years old.. We got the train from Thatcham and then got the bus to a shopping park on the outskirts. We had phoned ahead and knew they had what we wanted in stock and got one held for us to pick up.. We had a cheeky coffee at Costa before we did that, and then got the bus back into Reading.

We did a bit of shopping in town, and Del brought a couple of shirts and we needed a new throw for the bed, but didn't find what we wanted..
We then went to the cinema and watched the 2.00pm showing of Toy Story 4! We are big kids at heart! Al loved it and Del thought it was ok. Woody made a few new friends!

Afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat at Mission Burrito and then grabbed a couple of cocktails over at The Beach Bar..
We then did some quick food shopping and headed back to the station to Derwent6..  We sat out in the cratch till late evening looking forward to moving on tomorrow..

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