Thursday, September 21, 2017

Picking up provisions

It was a misty start to the day.
We set off from Clifton at 9.00am and the first thing we noticed was the building work going on at Hillmorton locks.. We posted a post about the new bridge going in at 66a and work has already started and the towpath has been closed in sections here.
We got to the locks at Hillmorton and once again one of the two locks has been closed.. They have drained and fitted gates to these locks just last year and now we are told a balance beam is broken, what is happening with our licence money.
At the top it was washing on and tumble dryer to catch up on our week away.
Also Crumpets for breakfast.
It is getting very overgrown round here and now difficult to pass, come on CaRT.
We noticed something else new, the marina at Dunchurch was open and filled with boats, handy for winding and also a winter pumpout and diesel.
We soon got to Braunston and found a mooring, in fact there were quite a few moorings..
We walked up to the chandlers and picked up a replacement oil and air filter and also picked up some new pins as the ones we had were looking tired and a bit burred over at the ends.
When we got back we decided to get through the locks as it was a nice day and tomorrow didn't look so good..
We paired up with a hire boat and they had boating experience and soon got us to the top lock.
We moored up here for the night as Tooty was chomping at the bit to go out after his week in the cattery.
Al cooked a lovely toad in the hole and Del did some engine room chores, cleaning the bilge and filling the stern tube greaser.
We chilled in the evening. We had no phone signal and no TV signal, and a very poor internet signal. In a funny way, It was quite nice really!


Anonymous said...

Have very much enjoyed catching up with all your exciting escapades over the last week or so.
You certainly know how to live life to the full, well don yous and Tooty!
Ann and Keith.

Del and Al said...

Thank you! Sometimes it wears me out just thinking about it lol!! Hope you're both well, take care xxx