Monday, September 04, 2017

Batteries cont.

It was up early and we tested the batteries, they had dropped again but not quite as much, down to 11.95, so they were recovering a little.
One battery had dropped to 10.67 and must be the faulty one.
So it was run the engine again for two hours and the figures were 13.09 volts across the board except the low one which managed to get up to 11.32, still poor and showed that a cell was down.
After a phone call to the battery supplier there was no argument and they agreed to get one couriered  out in the morning. Watch this space!
It was then a polish down one side and a walk to the Chandlers at Streethay for a few bits and pieces including a filter for the waste tank.
Low on battery power it will be another early night for us..

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