Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Beer, Racing, and Music with friends

We were up early so decided to get through Crick tunnel and hopefully get a mooring where we could get telly.
It was nice cruising and we approached the tunnel seeing it was empty.
It takes about 20 minutes to get through and was only a little wet for the last 100 metres.
We were catching up with friends Mark and Sian on Mochyn Du and managed to get moored in front of them..
After some breakfast we heard a bang on the boat. They had some friends on board, Sue and Skeggsey, who had been with them for a couple of days and had asked us to join them on the Saturday.
At lunchtime the drinking began and we started in the Royal Oak. Here we were joined by Nick and Juliet so the group had got bigger..
We all had a late lunch in the Wheatsheaf and the food was great. We then made our way over to the Crick Club where in the evening they were having a Race night, where you bet on the horses and they show a film to see who won, it was all for charity.
We had a lot of fun and won £100.00 and a bottle of wine on the last race of the night. As you can tell a lot of beer and wine got drunk and even some dancing took place..
We all then staggered back to Derwent6 and Nick and Juliet went back to their hotel..
In the morning we had organised The Moorings restaurant for breakfast.. It was a lovely morning and we sat outside with a Full English to settle our stomachs from the night before..
It was here we said our goodbyes to everyone and went back to our boats..
Mark had a problem with his toilet seat so we helped them sort it out and then it was back to boat cleaning and recovering for a bit.
At 5.00pm we were back on it, there was a duo playing some Irish Folk in the Royal Oak and when we got to the bar we found out that Pulled pork and chips was also on the menu, and all for free.
What a great evening, Addy and Carroll were just fantastic, Addy played guitar and had just a great folk voice while Carroll played the accordion like it was joined at the hip..
This went on till 8.00pm and it was rude not to have one in the club as we had to walk by it.. We got back at 9.00pm and chilled for a bit before crashing out.. A great weekend guys glad we made it!

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