Sunday, July 27, 2014

A full on day

With Matty on board we were up early, which wasn't a problem as Del likes getting up early anyway, it must be a boy thing.. We had some breakfast and then we got ready to go into town.. Matty hadn't seen the changing of the guards at Windsor so we walked up in the sunshine and got a top spot for him to see it.. He loved it! 
We waited till they did the return trip and then went to the Crooked house and then on to the Museum.
It gives you all the history of Windsor castle and also lots of other interesting things like the longest Brunel bridge and how aeronautics started in Windsor with the first aerial post, and Matty completed the coat of arms in Lego..
We then did a bit of shopping and showed Matty the station and local shops finishing in Waitrose where he wanted to pick up some baking stuff to make our dessert today..
We walked back and Matty did some fishing and made a friend off the boat w.b Lazybones, a wide beam which was at the Crick Boat Show..
They did manage to catch a fish in the nets..
Georgia went swimming in the Thames with her Grandad and Matty was soon over there and jumping in with them.. They were watched very closely by us all and had so much fun..
Afterwards Del watched the Qualifying of the Grand Prix and then we had pizza in the cratch and for our dessert we had Matty's special tart... Mmmm it was lovely with all the trimmings.. and he even had some left to share it with w.b Lazybones..
We then decided to take Matty to the fair and offered to take Georgia, Matty's friend with us..
We all walked down along the Thames past the swans to the fairground and the first shock was how expensive it was.. £2.50 a go on most things and £3.00 for the bumper cars.. 
Still they had a brilliant time going on a few things and their favourites was the bumper cars and the Ghost train..
They also both came away with a few prizes.. 
We got back to Derwent6 at 10.00pm and then sat out in the warm air till Matty was yawning and ready for bed.. "I am just loving this trip" he kept saying..

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