Monday, October 12, 2020

What's that burning? and Wightwick Manor and Gardens

 We were up early as we had an appointment, but we had a burning smell when we put on the central heating and panic set in for a bit.. After checking the boiler and pipework we found out that the grass had caught alight on the towpath, so some water was required and a little bit of trimming, otherwise we would be calling the fire brigade. 

We were booked in to go to Wightwick Manor and Gardens today and as they had a tearooms with some good reviews we thought we would get up there early.. 

Wightwick Manor was built in 1887 by a wealthy Wolverhampton paint manufacturer Theodore Mander and it has some extraordinary Victorian Arts and William Morris fabrics. It was one of the first houses of its time to have central heating, and with the wonderful décor has a very warm and cosy feel to it.. 

First we had a walk round the gardens, and even though it was Autumn it still looked amazing with all the colours..

After this we headed for the cafe as it had just opened and was empty. Coffee and a breakfast roll was in order as we pondered over the guide..

You can go in the Manor at anytime, but as it wasn't busy, and we were refreshed, we put on our masks and entered the house.. You first enter the hall and are greeted by Mr Mander and a fantastic house.

We then entered the Drawing room.

And then the library.

You then enter the extension which was built in 1893 as an entertainment section to the house. First room is the Great Parlour room, and grand it was too.

Then to the billiard room.

Then onto the dining room. This table pulled out to hold 18 guests.

It was then onto the servants kitchens and scullery.. 

 It was a shame because we couldn't go upstairs. One, because there was no way of it being covid friendly as you couldn't go one way, and two, they were using the time to renovate some of the rooms, stairs and landing. Never mind, it will just mean a return visit. When you come out there is a small gallery to go to which was well worth looking at. These were tiles.. 

It was then time for another cup of tea and a cake, but not until after Al had walked round the shop. 

It was then time to venture some more round the gardens.

It was only a 16 minute walk back to Derwent6 where another cup of tea was waiting.. 

We got back just before the rain!


Judith nb Serena said...

Wightwick Manor is one of my favourite Trust properties, been a few times, as we over winter in Stourport basin we cruise past twice a year. Lovely photos, you captured all the autumnal colours.
Judith nb Serena

Lisa said...

I was really disappointed not to be able to go in the house again this summer, only the gardens at that time.
Next time. Lovely colours you've captured there,

Del and Al said...

Thanks Judith, totally agree, its now one of our favourite NT properties as well!

Del and Al said...

Thanks Lisa, we'll definitely visit again, loved it, and would like to see the gardens in the spring/summer as well...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous, thanx for a comprehensive tour of the beautiful gardens and house.
I always find the gardens servants kitchen areas the most interesting, mangles are my favourite too.
One of the most interesting canals on the system to cruise we think.
A&K xx

Del and Al said...

I'm the same Ann. I remember my Nan having a mangle and copper in her scullery. The kitchen garden was great, and had an honesty box for surplus fruit and veg x