Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Short plod with Friends

The weather looked a bit iffy this morning, but we wanted to go south for an hour. We set off in a very light drizzle and wondered if we were going to get wet or not.. We made our way through Whittington and the sun then tried to peep out..

We then got to Hademore with its pretty gardens, and swans.

It made pleasant cruising, as the colours kept changing through the trees. 

We then pushed on towards Tademore Farm.

We then looked for a mooring as we knew it was going to rain at 11.00am and moored at Tamhorn Park.

We set up everything (chimney, sat dish and the cat Tooty's fenders and cratch cover entry) and it was indoors for a nice shower and get changed.. 
We then walked down to Hopwas, a twenty minute walk through Hopwas Woods.. Del was on the hunt for wood so it was a good opportunity to look for some but it did start to rain.

We went to The Tame Otter and met up with friends John and Louise for lunch who own n.b Ploddin' along.

We knew we could have moored right outside the pub, but we had the option to stay for the weekend where we were.. 
We had a fantastic time with them and a good catch up..

and yes we did have a few drinks and the food was good.  It was all safe with plenty of washing hands and face masks.

We walked back afterwards and lit the fire on Derwent6.

In the evening we had our Friday quiz zoom call with the family and again a great laugh, it felt so good to get social again..

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