Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Picture perfect!

 So we decided to stay put over the weekend as we had all the signals and we love our football and Grand prix..  It was a bit of a mixed weekend weather wise, but it does give us stunning pictures. 

 We even captured this guy with his first catch of the day.

Some of you have been asking how we are doing with the lithium batteries and solar.

Well we haven't really had that good weather for solar but we have been getting a few hours. The great thing with lithium batteries is the speed in which they charge. As it is getting darker early we have found we have had to run the engine at least once every two days, but blimey its still better that the twice a day were were running the engine on the old batteries.. Today has been a good day for solar and by tipping up the panels early we have been getting some good amps, 21.1A in this case..

  Anyway the answer is Yes! we are still very happy with them!!

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