Monday, October 05, 2020

What we call a working day!

 After a day of rain we knew there would be a window today to move as the weekend ahead looked pants. We needed to do a few chores and this was the chance, so we went down the lock and turned in the basin.

We spotted that the mooring with the electric point was free so we manage to reverse Derwent6 onto it.

We had a card and tried it and we were pleasantly surprised that it worked. Al soon had the washing machine and tumble drier going, working through the washing pile, and Del had the water tap on..

 2 hours later a job well done, so it was over to the mooring opposite where we could fill with diesel for the first time in 3 months and get a gas bottle.

So happy with our mornings work we went and looked at the River Severn, which did look nice and calm, but we were enjoying the Staffs and Worcester canal so much we wanted to do it the other way.

We grabbed a bacon butty from this lovely café.

We went back up the lock we had just come down and made our way out of Stourport.

Its not long before you're back out into the countryside.

We soon got to our second lock of the day at falling sands.

The next lock is Caldwall Lock.

And Del did mess this one up a bit, he claimed that something had got stuck in the prop..  This really is a pretty lock with its sandstone walls.. 

It was still a very pleasant trip going into Kidderminster.

Our next stop was at Tesco where it was big shop time. Here you can wheel your trolley right up to the side doors of Derwent6 and unload..

Del took the opportunity to look at the prop, which he was still moaning about, and fair play found a big inner tube wrapped round it.

We then passed the lovely old restored mills.

Next up was Kidderminster lock. This lock seems so weird, because this is the view you get going in, with Maccy D and Pizza Hut smells.

And this is the view going out, such a contrast..

 We then weaved our way through the new houses at Stour Vale and Springfield Park.

We went up through Woverley Court Lock and moored up.

Tooty was pleased to be out again, as he was stuck indoors in Stourport as the traffic was very busy.. Hopefully lovely and peaceful again tonight..


Anonymous said...

Luvly jubbly, although the River Severn can look quite calm it can change so quickly with a lot of rain.
We did it a few times and were fairly lucky as there are not many moorings on it and not easy to exit once committed.
Same with the River Avon, we had a few unlucky moments on there made worse by being sooo windy, so only did that the once! However bothe rivers have beatiful sceney.
We're a bit envious of all your lovely sunny pics, as the cold windy weather seems to follow us around at the moment.
Take care....A&K xx

tony said...

we called the staffs and worcs the jewel in the Crown. but lost our dog at Compton haven't been since. but need to after seeing your pictures. try the orange chips if you Moor at Compton on way back

Del and Al said...

Hi both, will definitely be down the Seven/Avon, but maybe next year now. Don't worry, we've had our fair share of the rain! We've just moved after not being outside for four days as it tipped it down. Still, plenty of water in the canals now lol. Hope the weather clears up a bit for you, but still loving the pics x

Del and Al said...

Hi Tony, oh didn't realise that was where you lost your lovely dog. It must hold difficult memories for you both. It is a smashing canal, and we will see if we can try those chips on the way back, they sound good!