Thursday, October 08, 2020

No Rain, No Gain

 Well what a few days of rain that was.. We haven't blogged much due to the fact we haven't set foot outside! It was fire on, snuggle up and listen to the rain on the roof..  So we have been getting through the coal and the wood we have stored over the summer months so the hunt for more is on.. 

On our first opportunity we were off.

Boat movement on the Staffs and Worcester canal has been almost non existent since we have moved into October and its one of the best times for us with the trees just changing..

It was a take a chance day with the forecast saying sunshine and showers, but we just wanted to move and get outside again.. We still get that nice feeling cruising again and with this scenery why wouldn't you..

We soon got to Woverley Lock and had a nice view of the church on our left.

The paddles are heavy here and it seemed quiet apart from the road, but we were soon on our way.

It was then on to our next lock called Debdale Lock at Cookley.

This is the pretty lock (in fact they are all pretty) with built in cave which was used to rest the horses overnight.

Its quite big inside, about 18 foot by 10 foot.

Just around the corner is Cookley tunnel, which is a one way tunnel so you have to approach it slowly to check it is clear..

It just takes about four minutes of concentration to get through.

The scenery is amazing out the other side. 
As it meanders through Austcliff  and then through Caunsall.

We then approached Whittington which again is very pretty.

The paddles at this lock are again very stiff and Al's extension windlass comes in very handy.

It was then on through the low bridge here (chimney removed) and then to find a mooring..

We settled for the one we had on the way down which seemed to give us everything we wanted..

 When we had sorted out the telly, and got everything secure, we got in and lit the fire and Derwent6 soon got very cosy. In fact too cosy at times as you drift off into another world, dream world!!


Adam said...

The southern part of the Staffs and Worcs is one of my favourite canals. Really glad you're enjoying it. I'm not sure about the theory that the cave at Debdale Lock was for the horses -- how would they have got there, across the lock?

Del and Al said...

Hi Adam its a smashing canal.. Yes everywhere you read it talks about the cave being used for horses overnight, possibly a wooden ramp from the bridge was made up? or maybe just folklore lol