Thursday, April 11, 2019

Day four of our upgrade

So it was a slow start this morning, but the carpenter Steve finished the trim where the solar panel wiring has come through the roof.  The engine room was a mass of wires, so it wasn't even worth taking a photo. The good news is that a fair bit did get done in the afternoon and we should be close to getting things turned on tomorrow.. We haven't had to worry as we have been given Shoreline while all this is going on. It has been really cold and wet the last couple of days, but it has been warmer in the polytunnel. So what is left to do?
Well we have all the negative side of the circuits to do and also the charging wire from the alternator which needs changing.. The MPPT and the solar wiring need to be finished and also the monitors wired up.. Then it is just a case of tiding all the wiring up and then programming and updating the system, linking in with our phones so we can see what is going on all the time.. Looking forward to a good day tomorrow!


Caroline and Martin said...

If you're anything like us you'll be glued to what amps you're making. For us it means seeing if we can get a 'free' boil of the electric kettle, solar dump to get hot water, use the slow cooker or microwave. Enjoy your solar.

Del and Al said...

Hi Guys, thank you, we're glued to it already!! Well pleased with it and so far its passed all the tests!