Sunday, September 02, 2018

Sunshine cruising

We hung around Napton for a few days as there was an Open Mic night in the Folly pub and they always get a good turn out..
So we did some cleaning and relaxed for a few days..
We set off today quite early although it was a busy start.
It is still very shallow here and with the timed locks you have to pick your moment when you go. We joined a line of boats all heading towards Wigram's turn and had to avoid a wide beam boat moored in this nice spot..
This is when you're so pleased time is your own. and just drop to idle and follow the leader..
We were lucky enough to see a mooring we use here and pulled over in the sunshine.
Tooty was off like a flash, and Al followed putting her washing line up to get things dry. It was nice to have left early and getting moored up early, giving you all the afternoon to do what you like..

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