Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Onto Congerstone for an equinox

So we have sat tight again for the weekend and watched some football, boxing and of course Strictly. After Al had watched Strictly we did take a walk up to the Three Horseshoes in Stoke Golding and saw a Freddie tribute which was fun.

It has been quite wet which has helped with the water levels on the Ashby canal. On the Sunday Tooty didn't want Al to get up.
Al then cooked a lovely roast chicken Sunday roast and it nearly made us both fall asleep we ate so much..
On the Monday we were up at 8.00am and made our way towards Sutton Wharf, a little place close to our hearts.. Its a café on a winding hole which does some lovely food. We tried to make breakfast but we had to go so slow as we were still kicking up mud. It was so pretty on the way..

 Two boats got in trouble passing us too fast and one nearly hit a bridge.

We held Derwent6 and Al walked up to check out the moorings..  There were a few so we got onto the visitors moorings of 24 hrs.
Al had arranged a Tesco's delivery at the café so we got ourselves a table outside in the sunshine and had a nice Jacket potato with a drink..

This killed some time and on queue our delivery arrived..
We topped up with water and got rid of our rubbish here, so we were all set to continue.. 
It was the perfect late afternoon and this canal is so pretty when you have it to yourselves.
The first shock was the visitors moorings at the Battlefields. These used to be on the starboard side and have been changed to the port side with no mooring rings, there is also no directions on where you need to go, strange!
We were also a bit shocked at Market Bosworth. The water point has moved and the marina are charging five pounds for some of the moorings..

It was difficult to stop as the sun slowly began to set, but Al kept reminding Del that "It takes two" the Strictly show was on at 6.30pm.
We managed to get to Congerstone and found the visitors mooring empty..
You might spot a black dot on the towpath, guess who that was?
 We managed to set up telly just in time.. It was a lovely full equinox moon tonight and the moon was rising bright orange from the suns rays as it set..
It was a great setting to finish the day on..
It looks like we have a nice week ahead..


Stuart said...

Al looks like she’s lost some weight! Diet, exercise or just good living?

Anonymous said...

What fabulous photos of your trip, so enjoying reading about your travels up the Ashby.
Ann and Keith xx

Del and Al said...

Thanks Stuart, I'm trying lol!

Del and Al said...

Thanks Ann & Keith, we're loving up the Ashby, its been too long! x