Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Soaking up the weather in Kent

Hi all its great to be back, so what have we been up to..
Well we took some time out to go back to Kent for a couple of weeks where we had some things to do in Faversham.
We also went to Jay & Emily's 30th Birthday party and engagement.
We then went to a family BBQ, and met up with a few friends for eats and drinks along the way.

Al also visited her Mum and Dad at the cross in Shoreham.
We sat on the beach and watched the sunset.

we did a bit of glamping.
And we did the odd pub or two..
We also had too much to eat.
And drink and played bongo's.
But we had a great time.. Sorry we didn't take photos of everywhere we have been but you know the reasons lol
We got back for a couple of days of tranquility where Del flew his glider at the marina that we were staying in..

We picked up Tooty who was glad to be back and we plan to set off tomorrow..

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Stuart said...

Glad you’re back and Home is where the heart is I guess��