Saturday, August 11, 2018

Back on the busy cut

Derwent6 fired up first time after we have been away and only a bit of cleaning was required to give it that shine again.. We settled up our bills and filled with water after sending the hire car back..
Its a lovely feeling when you untie the ropes and set off again on your travels.. This sunshine has been amazing, but (and there's always a but) the water levels are beginning to struggle. There are now lock restrictions on some locks and we can notice the difference when cruising.. The good thing is that its a busy time of year and the canals are well used.. We liveaboards call it the silly season, but without the silly seasons the canals wouldn't survive. The extra boats just make it a little interesting.
You just can't beat the sun shining through the tress and the trickle of water from the bow as we move through the water at 3mph..
We passed through Newbold tunnel and crossed the aqueduct.
We then got to busy Brownsover.
We then got to Clifton marina where some extra moorings have materialised with shoreline.
We soon pulled over to one of our favourite moorings just under some shady trees..
We looked at each other and said "What next then" as we sat with a glass of gin and tonic and a shot of whiskey in the cooling sunset.

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