Sunday, August 13, 2017

Meet at Marple

We awoke to rain showers but they were suppose to stop around 10.00 am so we took a chance and set off.
The good thing was that no one else wanted to take the chance and it wasn't busy. The bad thing was they were right and we did get caught in a few heavy showers.
The scenery on this canal is amazing, and is as good coming out from Whaley Bridge as coming in.
We pushed on through two lift bridges and a swing bridge and got ourselves back to Marple at Lunchtime.
We spotted a good mooring right on the junction and soon got settled.
We then took a walk around town to suss things out and used the handy Asda in the town to get Tooty's Cat litter.
We got back to Derwent6 and then had lunch with a couple of nice Manchester cakes we got from one of the bakers.
N.b Mochyn Du wasn't far behind us with its new crew and managed to moor just in front of us on the junction.
In the evening we went out for a few beers before their crew of Shag's and Zara had to go in the morning. We ended up in a lovely Italian Restaurant in town and had some great food and wine. Forgot to take any pics though lol...

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