Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tea for Six

As the original plan was to have our safety check today, and it was done yesterday, we took the opportunity to have a lie in. Once we had got up we got cracking on some jobs which needed doing. Del did the brass porthole liners and cleaned all the glass while Al run the hoover round, cleaned the woodwork & organised a Tesco delivery. We then had lunch, and Al baked a sponge cake while Del got rid of the rubbish. At 3.00pm we had Keith and Ann, and Paul and Lynne round for a cup of tea and Al's cake. We had a chat about everything putting the world to rights.
It has been a dank day again here so even though it wasn't that cold you still felt you needed the fire ticking away in the corner....nice for relaxing in front of in the evening...


Nicky said...

hi i hope you dont mind me asking but my partner has a narrowboat with a stove now we are both novices when it comes to fire making we both seem to be able to get one lit but cant keep them alight we have tried both coal and just wood, used paper scrunched up kindling and fire lighters to start, it is getting the that time of year that we would like to keep it alight all night if possible help if you can please x

Halfie said...

Nicky, I hope Del and Al won't mind my replying to you here... In my experience the only thing which will stay alight overnight is coal. Make sure you have a good amount on, and, before going to bed, close off the air supply such that it's open just a little. Don't close it off completely or the fire will go out, and it could release dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide. First thing in the morning open the air supply under the grate... and the fire should come back to life.

Del and Al, greetings!