Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fully Loaded

Well we won't be mooring here again as the freight trains kept us up most of the night but it did mean we were up early. The weather man said that it would rain late in the afternoon so we set off to make as much progress as we could.
We quietly got through Lower Heyford and twist and turned across the meadows to Somerton.
We then arrived in Aynho which was a bit of a relief as we were running low on diesel and gas. At 92p a litre with self declaration, and gas at twenty five pounds a bottle, we then thought oh what the heck we'll have a couple of bags of coal as well. With a bill of two hundred and twenty seven pounds we left happy and broke. Derwent6 is now fully loaded with water, diesel, coal and wood, gas and food..It's a nice feeling!!!! With Derwent6 low in the water we took it very slowly up to Kings Sutton.

It has been very busy along this section with hire boats, and going down they were queuing at locks.
The weather had started to turn and the wind had got up so we decided to stop just outside Banbury.
It was nice to be back on 3G with telly and the phone back. We watched the football in the evening with the wind and rain howling outside.. Time to light the fire we think!

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