Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spend! Spend! Spend!

It was a mizzy day on Monday so we decided to stay put. Del still had a heavy cold and Al felt bunged up so we shut ourselves away for the day.
On Tuesday however we woke up to lovely sunshine and had the urge to move.
At 9.00am we set off up to the tramway moorings and Al walked over the road to Morrisons and topped up the cupboards while Del wiped down Derwent6 and did some of the brasses.
While we were in there we had four boats pass us (including Dusty the coal boat) and we set off to Banbury town centre lock and had to wait while we all went through.
When we got through we moored up in the middle of town.
Al was itching to go round the shops but Del insisted we had some lunch first. We had to get some bits for Derwent6 like sealers and antifreeze and also picked up some oil at twelve pounds for five litres at Wilko's. Al hmmm brought some new boots in Clarks, and new jeans in Next, while Del picked up some new waterproof trainers for thirty five quid, why do we always just spend money when we come to this place. Note to self........Avoid!!
In the afternoon we were met by Bones walking Boots the dog and she stopped for a quick chat, it was nice to see her again......

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