Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Safe and Sound

We set off early this morning. We had to... not only were we meeting up with Paul and Lynne on n.b Piston Broke to get through Braunston locks but we also had to get onto the Grand Union because we were meeting up with Nigel, the guy doing our Boat Safety Check for us. It was still dark when we left Onley and it was a bit tricky getting through bridge 80 which is being repaired.
We turned at Barby marina, not a winding hole, but we were pushed for time so was grateful for it.
We then pushed on to Braunston where we met up with Paul and Lynne on n.b. Piston Broke who were on the water point.
They followed us up to the first lock and it wasn't long before we both were going in and out together making it quick up the flight.
It was then through the tunnel where there was no traffic for us both and we soon got out the other side.
It was here we spotted some cut up wood on the towpath and quickly stacked it on the stern of Derwent6. It wasn't long before we got a "Hey" from a boat moored two hundred metres away. I've just cut that up he said and was soon taking it off the stern deck. We managed to pick up a few leftovers and with apologies carried on our way.
We moored up at Norton Junction and sorted ourselves out.
We then got a call from Nigel asking where we were and if he could do the check this afternoon. "Great" we said, "I will be about a hour as I'm half way up the Buckby flight". He turned up and managed to moor behind us and quickly got on with the checks. He was with us a hour and we passed with flying colours. As he was leaving we were then met by Keith and Ann on n.b.Oakfield and we stood for a chat for another hour. We then all retired to our own boats and chilled for the rest of the day, very happy with our certificate.

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