Monday, October 15, 2012

A Weekend Relaxing

As we had a nice fourteen day mooring here at Fenny Compton we decided not to move. Also at the pub there was a Folk band we wanted to see as we had heard good reports. On Saturday were up early watching the Grand prix qualifying and then we did some winter preparation jobs on Derwent6. Del checked the central heating and engine anti freeze and also put a bit in the waste tank. It was time to clean out some of the filters and check for any leaks on the way. Al took the time to have a bit of a clear out (more room for shoes) and cleaned the galley cupboards. She also walked down the shops and picked up a few things. In the evening Al sat down to her Strictly Come Dancing and after that we walked down to the pub. We saw a band called Dr Buskers and the Odds and Sods.

It was like a folk comedy show and we thought it was so good.
We laughed all night, in fact our faces ached at the end of it. To announce their breaks they played a song and the lyrics were More Beer, More Beer, More Beer...
We came out of the pub at 12.30am and crashed into bed knowing we were up early in the morning to watch the Grand Prix.
Sunday, a bit worse for wear, we watched the Grand Prix. It was very cold as we had a frost outside so the fire roaring was a priority.After the race Del polished the side of Derwent6 and oiled the cratch boards while Al read her book in the sunshine. Del then went out on his bike for a few hours. It got very overcast later on in the day so we plonked in front of the telly exhausted from our early start.

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