Friday, October 12, 2012

Our own Cropredy Festival

After our spending spree yesterday we knew we would be moving today. The weather was kind to us so we set off from Banbury at 9.00am. It was pleasant cruising, as you could see the trees just trying to change colour and there was plenty of water in these parts for a change.
We were lucky enough to have the three locks in our favour on the way to Cropredy, and as we got to the village it was disconcerting to see a lot of diesel on the water. We never found the source.. 
We got through Cropredy lock and were surprised at all the moorings available when we got there.
We planned to meet up with Doug and James on n.b Chance and Jayne and Stephen on n.b Dolce Far Niente and it wasn't long before they came round the corner. After a chat, we were all out cleaning our boats in the sunshine, and we made arrangements to meet up in the evening for a drink and something to eat. We met at 6pm on nb Chance, and Doug and James, as usual, were great hosts and we were greeted with champagne and a lovely selection of nibbles. This set us up for our walk (all three hundred metres of it) round to The Red Lion pub which is now under new ownership. Stephen and Jayne had met up with us as well and we had a lovely meal even though the pub had run out of Steak on Steak night. They did us an extra large gammon instead for a very good price and we got a free drink with that as well.
Afterwards we sat in the music room which was full of guitars. Stephen and Jayne played the guitar so it wasn't long before Del, Stephen, Jayne, and the landlord, were all giving us a tune. Del was ecstatic as he could try out the Brian May collection of electric guitars.
We came out of there late and the party continued round Stephen and Jayne's boat where an array of instruments came out, together with cheese and biscuits and more wine.
We staggered home at 2.00am trying not to wake the neighbours. Thanks guys for just a fabulous evening. A big thanks to Doug and James for treating us to the meal, and once again congratulations, we are so pleased for both of you guys, and thanks to Stephen and Jayne for the entertainment and hope we didn't drink all the port! A fun time was had by all......

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