Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shaken not stirred

We were woken up early by a boat going past at 7.00am which had shaken us around a bit, but we were not stirred (perhaps we should have moored up better). As we were up we had breakfast and then caught the 10.40am bus into Rugby. From there we walked down the footpath to Cineworld.
Al wanted to see the new James Bond movie Skyfall and we hadn't booked and took a chance to see if we could get in. We managed to get into the 11.30am showing and Al was ecstatic!
When we came out she was still ecstatic, and Del's name is Bond...Del Bond! Yep, we enjoyed it.. From there we grabbed a Maccy D and then made our way back to Rugby. After a bit of shopping in town we caught the bus back to Crick. It was a lot colder today and it was nice to get the fire going when we got back

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Anonymous said...

Mornin, Bond, Del Bond, glad you found your way down to see Skyfall sounds grrreat!We found our way to the bus into Daventry too, thanx to your instructions. See you soon.
nb Oakfield