Friday, March 09, 2012


We still had all the boxes in the back of Erica's car so after some breakfast we made our way to Al's mum and dad's (Pam and Alf). After a nice cup of tea, we unloaded the car, which didn't help Del's back, so it was slow and easy. So we now have some sorting out to do, at sometime. It was nice to see a friend had painted a picture of their cottage and given it to them as a gift for their 60th anniversary.
Del had a hospital appointment in the afternoon where he had a camera down the throat to check out some difficulty swallowing. It appears it may be just an acid reflux problem, but more xray's are required. In the evening we went round to see Richard and Lisa's fabulous new house and then went out to The Neville Bull in Birling for something to eat. We had a fantastic time and reminisced as this used to be a old haunt for us all (sorry we forgot the camera). After going back for coffee, we ended up getting back to our digs at 1.00am in the morning. Time flies when you're having fun!!!!

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