Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Turning round, so we've got no locks

After a very windy and relaxing day yesterday, we were up early this morning as we wanted to top up with water. It was such a nice day and things had calmed down a bit, so we needed to cruise. We had frost on the ground, but luckily the canal hadn't frozen. It was lovely plodding along with the sun in our faces and we soon got to the bottom of Hillmorton Locks. We managed to get on the water point and while it was filling we got rid of our rubbish and then walked along to friends Paul and Lynne and Keith and Ann to catch up on the local gossip. We were waiting to hear the result of a meeting BW had last week about the water shortage, but there was no news as yet. Well that changed our plans a bit so we turned at Hillmorton and crept back to our mooring at Clifton, till we find out a bit more. The sunshine was lovely out in the cratch where we had some nice bacon sarnies. In the afternoon we walked down to the local shops and topped up the cupboards on Derwent6, so we could sit tight for a few days. We then travelled down to Kent where we met up with Tanya who picked us up. We then went out bowling in the evening where Zak joined us. We ended up staying at Steve and Erica's.

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