Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back Pain Back

Del is still having problems with his back and had trouble getting out of bed this morning. Chopping up the wood yesterday probably didn't help. So it was a rest day for us. It was raining here at last, but they were only heavy showers. Al did walk down to the local shop to get a paper. It has been amazing how busy it has been here, with everyone out of marinas making the most of the water while it's there.
It was an afternoon of sport for us with the Grand Prix qualifying followed by the Rugby, well done Wales!! As the day went on Del's back got worse, but we had arranged to go to the local restaurant at Butler's Leap with Paul and Lynne off n.b. Piston Broke. It turned out by looking for info that Del probably has Sciatica which is a trapped nerve at the lower spine which causes a sharp pain down one leg. The pain is like having cramp and pins and needles at the same time and you have trouble walking. With everyone looking forward to going out in the evening Del struggled to the restaurant dosed up with pain killers, and still having to stop on the way. It was worth it though as we had a great time putting the world to rights.. It was a nice meal and reasonably priced. The pain killers had worn off a bit and Del struggled back to Derwent6 having to stop four or five times. Paul was also having trouble with his knee and we looked like a right old pair of crocks. It had rained a lot while we were eating and the towpath was now very muddy not making life easy for both of us. It was nice to get back to Derwent6 and crawl into bed.... Hmmm it doesn't look good for tomorrow!!


nb AmyJo said...

Hi Al,
So sorry to hear about Del's Back. Sciatica is truly painfull so we do hope it improves soon please pass him our regards.

Sent you a text but if Del is no better forget our request, doubt he would be up to it.

Anonymous said...

Happy 29th wedding anniversary to 2 of our most special friends!! Love you both very much - enjoy your day and Del - get to an Osteopath he will sort your back out!
love and xxxx


Jo Lodge said...

Sorry to hear about Del and his back. I also suffer with Sciatica and have done for years.An Osteopath is good although I have never used them. I usually take anti-inflammatories and pain killers, but most of all keep on the move because if you sit for to long you will stiffen up. I hope it improves. xxxxx