Thursday, March 08, 2012

Girl's Talk

Del still had a problem with his back but still managed to take Molly the Dog out for a walk. In fact he went out three times looking for something to hang off to ease his back, and Molly chatted girl talk with the local horses. Al went into London where she met up with her friend Joy. This was Joy's 50th birthday present from Del and Al and they had a meal out at Navajo Joe's, a Mexican in Covent garden, with loads more girl talk, and then on to the theatre to see Legally Blonde the musical. They had a great time and said the show was fantastic.. Tanya had been to the shops and picked Al up from the station on her way home from work. She then cooked Del and Zak a lovely Thai green curry while they watched the football, heaven!!! We then went round to Bernie and Sarah's and dropped of a couple of the boxes we picked up yesterday. We also saw David and Hannah after they had got home from work, it was nice to see them all. We got back to our lodgings at 11.30pm, phew!

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