Friday, March 16, 2012

Timed Cruising?

Del was up early chopping up some wood we had found at Brownsover and then made up a couple of bags of kindling for those cold spring evenings. As we were doing this Lynne and Paul turned up on n.b Piston Broke and we all chatted for a hour talking about what was happening on the canals over the next few months, before having some lunch. BW have announced that there will be a lot of restrictions on most of the locks on the GU and the Oxford, and we will be looking at timed cruising in the near future. Time is something us continually cruisers don't think much about, so things will be difficult lol. We need to be conscious of saving water, and the hirers and the private boaters will still want to move around. We could go north, but we wanted to be south this year. The next thing will be flash flooding, so maybe rivers aren't a good idea...... who knows?! We won't be changing any of our plans and will just hope it rains, gently and persistently.

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