Sunday, January 09, 2011

We're not going to make it

We thought it had been a warmer night, well it was on Derwent6, but when we looked out the pothole there was frost on the ground, so no thaw!!!!!

So we had some breakfast and then went for a walk along the towpath. It was still thick with ice and you should have seen the junk in the canal. It was clear blue skies and the sun was slowly starting to thaw the ice, but we knew we had no chance of moving today. So there goes our hopes of getting through Atherstone locks by tomorrow. The only chance we have now is if the start of work is delayed, still there's plenty to do here... To drown our sorrows we stopped on the way back in a shop and nearly brought them out of Cadbury's cream eggs....(well it will be nearly Easter by the time we get down south lol)

Both of us still don't feel the ticket, but it doesn't seem to be holding us back...mind you Al did have a long sleep in the afternoon while Del did the brasses on the roof...
A bit of a music night as Al cooked a lovely dinner in the evening, which we had while we listened to the radio.


Anonymous said...

guys can you turn round and go down the soar.Iknow there is no stoppage on the soar dont know about T@M

Jo Lodge said...

Sorry to hear your stuck. Your not alone with being stuck in the wrong place. We hope to move tomorrow.
Anon said about going down the Soar. At the moment it is on Red and there will be stoppages at the end of the month.
Stay safe and warm xx

Anonymous said...

not reported on waterscape

Anonymous said...

Hope you soon feel 100percent again soon,and that you can move!!!!!xxTel