Monday, January 03, 2011

On Return Rads split in 2011

Hi All .... Happy New Year!!!

We have had a wonderful time and had a nice break with family and friends.. Steve with his new seven iron, check out the iron, Morphy Richards we think!!!!The best present was for Al to be with her Mum and Dad after the trauma's we have been through... Al must have had repercussions as she wasn't very well herself over the Christmas period, with a sickness bug and now a chest infection.

We decided to get back to Derwent6 and were a bit worried what we would find due to the very cold conditions we had had on Christmas day and Boxing day. We were surprised to see that we are still frozen in so we won't be moving yet. Things looked fine as we got onboard and fired up the engine. The water pump seemed ok and the toilet was working fine, but on checking the central heating pressure.. there wasn't any!! Turning the taps on to build it up water was coming out the bottom of the Dayroom radiator and we found a big split in it... Also the other rads had chipped paint all over them which meant they had been under stress. On checking the Eberspacher boiler we found that the water pump had also frozen and was pouring out water... So that was the central heating out of action. The engine had a small leak, but we can't see where it's coming from yet.. We lit the good reliable Morso fire and after a couple of hours we were starting to warm up. With not much food on board we had cheese on toast and nibbles as we are on a crash diet anyway. We warmed up the bed sheets round the fire, before we went to bed. We will investigate further tomorrow........


Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Both
Glad you had a good time at home, and pleased that Al's Mum is on the mend.
Shame about the heating system, looks like an expensive fix. I hope there wasn't too much water damage.
Take care,
Geoff and Mags

Chance said...

Hi Del and Al. Glad you had a good time over the holidays, and you are blogging again!! Sorry to hear about the damage, hope its not too difficult to get fixed,a reminder to us all to keep the antifreeze topped up in our heating systems I hope.
Happy New Year and hope its all sorted very soon. Doug

nb.bobcat said...

So sorry to hear about the leaking/damaged radiators. I have been worrying about the state of mine and as so far not had a great deal of joy out of the Mikuni am wondering if there is much point in having the central heating at all! Still I suppose it does take the chill of the air in the morning but in my case it packs up after a max of 1 hour so that is about all it does. I have bought it some anti bug stuff in the hopes that that is the problem.

Hope not too much damage and also that you find the source of the engine leak as that is much more essential.

Happy New Year

Del and Al said...

Thanks Geoff & Mags, luckily there's no damage apart from pump and rad, so although bad enough it could be a lot worse!

Del and Al said...

Thanks Doug, hopefully we should get it fixed soon.

Del and Al said...

Hi Kath, you're right, don't need the central heating during the day but it does take the chill off 1st thing in the morning while you stoke up the fire, and gives you hot water first thing. Good news, the engine leak seems ok!

Anonymous said...

This post is making me nervous as to what i might find when i get back on board.
Anyway at least repairs are under way and Al feels better.
LES NB Valerie

Andy Tidy said...

Those frosts were scary.... minus 20 - that sort of thing only happens in continental Europe! The canal is thawing so slowly. Central Birmingham is clear but its still several inches thick outside the built up areas.
I'm sorry about the rads. I'm amazed my calorifier survived.

Les Biggs said...

Sorry Al just reading more posts and realised Al is not feeling better, i`ve got my blogs crossed.
Get well soon Al.