Sunday, January 30, 2011

More wood found

We had a bit of a lay in this morning but when we did get up we sat and watched Andy Murray lose his grand slam. We were still iced in albeit very thin, but we could have moved if we wanted to.
Del went for a walk and found a tree that had been taken down by BW and was in a culvert about a quarter of a mile away. So the best part of the day was taken up with cutting up this tree and walking it back along the towpath, to store it on the roof. We never feel the need to load the roof right up with wood as we fill one of our lockers up and keep a bit on the bow, this keeps us going for about four days. There seems plenty about at the moment.... We have been putting coal on the fire overnight (just four or five lumps) which keeps it in for when we put wood back on it in the morning. It seems to work well!

We had a boat pass us very late in the day breaking the ice, but we like it here and don't have the feeling to move at the moment.

Al settled down in front of the TV to watch her Ice Dancing in the evening. Del lay on the bed listening to music aching from all that wood carrying.....

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