Friday, January 21, 2011

More Ice

It was minus four last night and we are iced in again....
With Al still down in Kent, Del was up early and gagging to put water into the central heating system, but it was just too cold till around 10.00am. BW came by and broke the ice just as the sun came out.

So water was added to the heating system to mix with the Antifreeze and then pressurised and bleed. The central heating has never been so hot. The new serviced boiler and all the air out of the system has really made a difference. We just need to see if it holds pressure overnight.

Del then did the brasses as it was such a nice day and waited for Al to arrive back... BW then came reversing back with seven of them on the boat. You wouldn't mind but they were in and out of the hedge using poles, on their way home on their half day Friday.

Al brought back some of the netball pics she took while in London with Hannah. The game was great and a close run thing and even though England lost, they had a wonderful time.

After catching up, we had some lunch and chilled with the telly and a very warm boat.

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