Sunday, January 23, 2011

Burnt Sunday

We had a bit of a chill out day today!!

Al did the fire and burnt a hole in her clothes, Good start! Del was back on sticking and getting kindling for the fire. He then found more wood which seems a bit remote round here as everyone is after it. When he found some, he spent the rest of the morning chopping it up. Del went out on his bike in the afternoon, just to get some exercises, meanwhile Al kept a eye on the fire and burnt a hole in the carpet this time (Still not good).

Del got back and showered while Al did the dinner, she put on the cabbage and forgot to put water in the pan and Derwent6 had this burning smell for the third time, (not a good day for Al)

In the evening Del strapped the fire extinguisher to Al, so she didn't cause any more trouble!!!


abfab said...

Hahahahahahah. So funny!! Thought we'd update you. Hopefully the hull goes in to Fernwood beginning of Feb. John has has both bunions done so hes hopping around on crutches. My breast cancer is in remission so no more hospital or medication for me. Hope you're both ok?
I,ve done a blog but cant find it if I google it. I'm not very good at these things so dont know if I've done it right. Would you mind googling it for me please? It is Fallen Angel nb.

Many thanks

Trudy and John.

Anonymous said...

Don't take any stick Al, I expect the boat just smells of burning passion!