Thursday, January 06, 2011

Derwent6 gets a drink

We didn't have a very good night and ended up over sleeping, but the good news is Al felt a little bit better than yesterday. There was another heavy frost last night and the canal was iced over again after the rain had fell on it yesterday. Great!

We had David, an assessor from the insurance company, turning up at 10.00am and it was a bit of a rush for us to get ready for him. We were pleased to see him give the system a thorough inspection, by checking even inside the radiators.

We have now got to get some accurate estimates off to the insurance company, and David will send his report into them... He wouldn't tell us his verdict!

We then had to try and get some water so we had a walk up to the pub and had a chat with the landlord. He opened his side gate and allowed us to fill our 25 litre container. Derwent6 was getting a bit thirsty!!!! This should last us another couple of days!!!

We chilled out for the rest of the day and took down our Christmas decorations. Derwent6 looks so bare now, but easier to clean.

Oh and it looks like we might get more snow tomorrow!!

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