Monday, January 17, 2011

A small trip to the services with a boa constrictor

We had a peaceful night list night and when we looked out the potholes the canal was like a piece of glass. The smoke from the chimney was drifting vertically, and not a puff of wind in sight.

So after breakfast we set off on the mile and a half trek, down to the services. We had to turn and then reverse under a bridge to get on them but as the conditions were just the best, we did it with ease. We filled with water and got rid of our rubbish, and then set about where we would moor next. The only spot we could see to get a good TV signal was down by the locks but the only problem was we would have to reverse a good 500 metres passed moored boats, to get to it. Things were going great until the engine stopped. On lifting the weed hatch we pulled out the biggest piece of rope you have ever seen. It looked like a massive boa constrictor snake! You couldn't cut it, but we were lucky enough to be able to unravel it from the prop, a good thing about the Axion.

We then moored up in the sunshine, and it was quite spring like....A boat then passed us heading for the locks "You do know they're shut till the end of February" we shouted. "How am I going to get to Wigrams marina." he replied. "Not for a while" we answered. He moored behind us with his book out wondering where it had all gone wrong....

Del then went into Atherstone on his bike and did a circular route, just to suss things out and get some exercise. Al had the dinner ready on his return and we chilled by the telly in the evening.

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artymess said...

Yikes that could have been nasty.....x