Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We did better than Spain

After breakfast we left Cosgrove and crossed Wolverton aqueduct. When we got to the station we were amazed at the boats which are now using the station moorings. This used to be an area where you wouldn't want to leave your boat, but things have really improved. We then made our way round Milton Keynes as the weather started to get better. They really have cleaned it up around here as well, and it was pleasant cruising. Lots of flowers and leafy trees made it seem a big change from the winter last year. The wind had been biting and you could feel it when the sun went in, but the clouds moved out the way a bit later. We did pass this guy taking eight dogs for a walk and a swim. He never used a lead and just look at the size of his poo bag. The dogs were just loving it!!! After going through Fenny Stratford lock we moored up in a nice sunny spot. We got out the BBQ and had lunch before settling in to watch Spain in the football. Oh Dear!

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