Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Up to Welford

We were up early again as we knew it was going to rain. Del fitted Derwent6's tiller ropes given to us by Alan and Carol on n.b Holly Hobble. We were going for about a hour before it started to spit. It never bothered us as it was very light rain and it did bring out the wildlife. We turned into the Welford arm just as the rain got heavier. We moored at the end of the arm and was surprised to see they had done the road which during the winter months, covered Derwent6 with mud. After we had lit the fire, we went into the Wharf Inn pub and Del had one of the biggest mixed grills we have ever seen! When we got back to Derwent6 it was so hot in there we all fell asleep for a couple of hours!
To wake ourselves up we though we would make our way out to the end of the arm for a good start tomorrow.

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