Friday, June 04, 2010

Meeting a old friend

We left this morning in bright sunshine and made our way down to the locks at Watford. We were the first to arrive and it wasn't long before there was a queue of four. We had to wait for one boat to come up before we could go down. We then made our way down towards Norton. We went for a walk in the afternoon and bumped into a old friend in the family. It was n.b. Margaret Rose which used to be named Reflections. Keith built this boat, and she was the first boat we took out on our own and the one which got us into narrowboating. If it wasn't for this boat we would not be doing what we are doing today...a tear in the eye job!!!!! We had a quick look inside and saw the changes and she had also got a new paint job in the same colours. You will see the similar colours to Derwent6, which is where it all came from.

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Chas and Ann said...

Hi Del n Al,
We have had our well deck lockers made as you will see on our blog. Thanks to you for letting us see yours! Where is that pink gin now! Could you let us know the name of that BBQ you have please. Comment here or on ours as we do not have your em addy.
Chas n Ann