Friday, June 18, 2010

It's a Small Small World

The weather was a bit cloudy but it was the right weather for locks, and we had thirteen to do today. We left with the boat behind us, n.b. Slow and Easy and started to go through the locks together. We got talking (as you do) and it turned out that Neil (the guy on the tiller) actually worked on the dialysis machines in Canterbury hospital and actually knew Del's Dad, Len. What are the chances of that... Small World! When we got to the top of the locks we said our goodbye's to Neil and Rosie and turned into the Wendover Arm. It was very narrow and very shallow in places but at idle we managed to get through. We got to the end of the basin and managed to get in a nice spot with a TV signal for the weekend. It is so quiet here and the bird life is just fantastic. We manage to get this shot of a black headed gull diving in the water for fish. It's a shame that such a good day finished with a very poor England performance.

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