Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Back to Crick

With an early start... we set off from The Welford arm in the mist and fog at around 8.00am. It was warming up as we went along and wasn't long before the sun was peeking through. We got to Yelvertoft marina and met n.b Thema on the bend so we moored up for a coffee and a biscuit. We were passed by n.b Sanity again ( and n.b Oakfield ( during our trip. We then made our way back to Crick where we said our goodbye's to Bernie and Sarah.
After popping up the shop for some BBQ coals we backed up and had a pumpout and a gas bottle from Crick marina. We then headed off to the water point and filled with water and got ourselves a ice cream for all the hard work. Then we were all set to go through the tunnel. When we got to the other side it felt very shallow and when we passed another boat, low and behold we grounded. It took us ten minutes to get off and we weren't the only one's. Three of us got stuck in the same place, but with some gentle throttle we got off. It must be because of the good weather we have had and also all the boats going down the locks from the Crick Show.

We managed to moor (all be it on the mud) just a bit further on. We got out the BBQ and had steak and sausages, sitting out till sunset.

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