Thursday, June 24, 2010

Down to Cowroast

Another lovely day and as our water was getting down to two on the gauge, we decided to move. We took it very slow as we came out of the Wendover Arm as it was still very shallow and narrow, but we were a bit lighter than when we came in which made it a bit easier. We were kicking up mud all the way! When we got out onto the Grand Union and we could really move, well push the throttle up to 1200rpm. We stopped for water at Bulbourne which was quite a fast tap, but we still had time to have some lunch while we waited. We managed to get moored over at Cowroast, even though it is quite busy here. We arrived just in time to sit a watch the Italians go out of the World Cup. Shame! We did have a visitor jump on and she made herself at home on Derwent6. Al in the end had to usher her off. We also had two fish fighting on the surface of the water, or spawning? We had never seen that before!

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