Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Having a clear out, still with time for friends

We still never had our voices when we woke up but we had plenty of time to recover. We decided that we would go through all our stuff still at Al's Mum and Dad's. We have been on Derwent6 for 18 months now and thought it was time to have another clear out. We went through all the boxes we though we might still need on Derwent6 and most of it we took to the dump and to a Charity shop in Sevenoaks. In the afternoon we went through our filing cabinet and got our paperwork up to date, a task on it's own. In the evening Del was out with mates Bernie and Steve gliding again while Al was out with some long term friends who always meet up every three months. They had a great time in Maidstone and a good catch up.

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