Saturday, January 19, 2008

What a nice feeling, we're happy with the ceiling

We have been back to Fernwood as Stuart has done all the measurements for the standard Fernwood roof and found this was not going to work due to the height we required. He then made a mock up of the tongue and groove roof, which we would take as second choice, and try and do something a bit different with it.

This gave us plenty of head height and good space behind for all the lamps vents wiring etc.

The pipework will now be run down the side panels, so some cutting out of the ribs will be required, as will the shower tray which we want to be lowered into the floor to get maximum height there also. Stuart had also done all the measurements for the bulkheads which now all fit perfectly, with all the side doors and portholes fitting bang in the middle of all the required rooms.

We have also still been working on the drawings for the dayroom/dining area and have now decided (at the moment) to take out the overhead lockers due to the fact it feels very closed in with them..

We want this room to be a relaxing area where we can sit and chill out looking at the scenary. But to get this you also need a feeling of space. We know we will be sacrificing some storage but every room in Derwent6 needs to be used and it is far more important that we feel we will use this room with the feeling of space in it, rather than having some storage, and not using it. That turns out to be a waste of space. We will look at this again when the seating arrangement goes in.

So we have gone for a corner cupboard at one end, which gives us options at the other end(cupboard, shelfs, pictures etc). Here you can now see how the spare bed will be made up and the corner cupboard will look.


Nic and Steve said...

Wow your boat looks amazing! Can't wait to see it all finished. Hope you guys had a good Christmas and New Year, even though it seems ages away now.
We'll keep looking at the website to see how it's all going. x

Del & Al said...

Hi Nic & Steve

Great to see you following the blog. We had a great Christmas thanks, but it now seems Eons ago!
Things are so busy with the boat and sorting the house out that we don't know where the time goes.
Hope you're both well and the wedding plans (and honeymoon) are coming along nicely..... not long now.