Thursday, January 17, 2008

From pencil to glorious colour

As anyone following this blog will know,we have been playing with microsoft paint on the exterior paintwork on Derwent6. Well now we have been using Stuart's drawings to get a good feel on how Derwent6's interior will look. Here is the drawing Stuart done in the last blog in glorious colour.

Although the colours don't come out exactly how you want them, it gives you a very good idea on how we will want Derwent6 to look and feel. It will be interesting on how the finish product pans out.

We still have loads of tweaking to do, but we are getting close on how we all see it.

Here is the colour picture of the dining/ dayroom area, but on putting this in colour we feel it has ended up looking a bit like a railway carriage, so the overhead lockers may have to go.

You can now see where the freezer compartment will be, just under the end seat. There will be a cushion going over this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Del & Al,
Looking Good......Very exciting to plan everything, and then even more special when it actually starts to come together.
Enjoying your blog so will look forward to following your progress.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how a bit of colour brings the plans to life. It gives a much better perspective of how the finished look will be, although won't it be difficult finding a compromise for the dining/day room - don't you need all the storage space you can get?
Look forward to seeing the progress.
Joy & Steve x

Del & Al said...

Thanks Pav
Glad your enjoying the blog as much as we are.It is really exciting at the moment seeing all our plans come to much to think about!

Del & Al said...

Hi Joy & Steve
Yep the jury's out on these blomming lockers...we'll have to make our mind up as the room comes together. we do need all the storage we can get..especially for Al's shoes. LOL