Monday, January 28, 2008

Flooring and getting floored

We have been back up to Fernwood after they had done some samples of the wooden flooring we had asked them to look at for us. They have come back with a great effect, which we loved, so Derwent6 will be having this in the Galley, Dayroom, and Engine room. This will also be under the carpet in the Saloon and Bedroom, so if at a later date we want to lift the carpet, we can.

Derwent6 also has got all the holes marked for the mushrooms, water and waste points, aerial and lamp sockets, etc.
The foaming is to take place next week so preparation has already started on battening out and sealing the difficult places. All the lads are working hard to get the boats they have in the workshop out for the end of the month, so they can concentrate on Derwent6. Dick and Alison on whitefield must be wetting themselves about getting their boat on the water as it is just waiting for a canopy for the cratch. If it was us, we would have got her on the cut by now, showing this fantastic boat off to the world, it certainly is a master piece. As for the cratch that could be fitted at a later date ( the boat looks better without it anyway!)

But as for the getting floored we feel so sorry for John and Cathy on nb Marmaduke ( ), as Severn Valley boat builders are having the administrators in today and John is sleeping on the boat to obtain what we all know is their's. After paying their next payment up front, this was cashed very quickly by Roger the owner, knowing the company situation. What a Ba****d Roger at SVBC is......... if there is anything we can do let us know. ( and I will get the boxing gloves down from the loft)

Good luck to the both of you and good wishes.

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