Thursday, January 31, 2008

Galley cupboards drawn in

As you can see we have now added the cupboards, splash back and plug socket locations to the galley. The water filter will be incorparated into the main galley sink tap so no extra tap has to be fitted. The draining board will be separate and slot into it's own place above one of the galley draws. There are other features like posts and recess panels going in the plain sections.

Where has January gone!!!!!!! We are now looking at the LED lighting which will be internal and external. Fernwood have sent off for some samples and we are looking into what is available. This is sometimes difficult because Fernwood have a 24 volt system fitted to all their boats and 24v LED's are difficult to find, but we have found some. We have got to look again at the lighting plan, as all the wiring is now going in to Derwent6, due to the foaming taking place next week.

We are also looking at radiators, what type and how big. This is proving a difficult task on it's own, due to the fact there are so many....Gosh!

The hole cutting and their locations in the Hull, is now full steam ahead and the engine bay has been painted out.

Now you can clearly see the engine radiator and the two strenghteners fitted each side of the engine mounting plate. Also under the engine you can see the hull identification number.

We have also now made the small changes to the main Derwent6 plan, so some of the curves and design features are added, like in the saloon and dining/day room.

Great to hear that John and Cathy (nb Marmaduke) recovered their boat and everyone is pulling together to help out, keep focused guys, it will happen.


Adam said...

Derek and Dot on Gypsy Rover posted the other day about changing all their bulbs for LEDs. They got them from Bedazzled by the Buckby Locks. The website suggests they have plenty of 24v LEDs.

My only experience of LEDs is at home, where I bought one for a desk lamp and it was so dim you could hardly tell it was on! So make sure each bulb has plenty of LEDs in it, or you'll be bumping into the furniture!

Del & Al said...

Hi Adam

Thanks for the information on the LED's. We have been looking at Hopefully they come with a infrared lamp and so we can see in the dark. lol

Anonymous said...

Get that 13A socket away from the sink area you naughty people!!

Also, when the engine bay and stern gland area is fitted out, make sure that you can still gain access to the side / rearmost sections of the engine bilge for clearing water. In winter, condensation from the swim and the hull to the rear of the frontmost engine bulkhead will drain into said areas, basically because these areas are left clear of sprayfoam or other insulation.

Cheers, Chris.

Del & Al said...


Great to hear from you mate!
The 13A socket does appear close in the drawing, but is at least 700mm away from the sink so shouldn't be a problem. This is the same distance away from the hob on the port side as well,but we will look at it when the galley bulkheads go in. As for the area around the stern gland and engine bay, we wasn't sure how much room was available, so we will have to give that some thought. Chris we couldn't have done this without your help with the original plan and password of Belle, so thanks mate.
Keep the comments coming.