Thursday, January 24, 2008

Galley design

Here is the latest drawings of the galley to which we have now added colour . As you can see this is not the finished article, but we can now add bits and pieces to it, so Fernwood will get a good feeling on how we see it. There will be loads of Fernwood touches going into this, with posts and wood features which will give Derwent6 a special modern quirky feeling.

These drawings are not to scale, so the settee will be a lot bigger than it looks. We have had to squash it all up to get it all in.

As for the progress....things are being prepared for the foaming out and battening is being done with hole cutting arrangements for the shell. Stuart has also done some samples of the wood floor we wanted, so we are looking forward to seeing that. More about that on the next blog.

We also went up to the London boat show at ExCel, but we've got to say we were very disappointed. Not much in the way of Inland waterways features again, and the display boats were mainly hire boats which had been stuck out on the Thames. This meant that not only did you get wet, but you could not walk through the boats, as you could only get on and off at one end.

But the good news from the show was we got to see Chris from beta marine again, who now knows us by name!!!. We thanked him and the boys at Beta for sorting out some extra bits and pieces for us. Oh! and and the other thing was, we got to see a Powerboat going up and down the Thames.
It also reminded us, we are with the right boat builder...................

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